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James Bridle's Possible Topics

Page history last edited by James Bridle 15 years, 6 months ago

For those who don't know me, I'm one of the people helping set the day up. Here's my linkedin CV thing, my blog about publishing and technology, my (dirty) publisher, my book-reading web app, my open-source literary festival, a literary magazine I designed (badly) and occasionally help edit, and stuff.


I've got a couple of ideas about talks to give on the day. Which of these sound interesting to you folks?


  • How to start a publishing company in your bedroom - How and why I started Bookkake, concerning new publishing technologies, new audiences, ebooks and pricing, print on demand, the web and THE FUTURE.
  • Last.fm for books, or something - The how and the why of bkkeepr, reading as a social activity, social activities in general (games, achievements, data shadows), publishers' place on the web, and APIs.
  • The current landscape in publishing - how we've got to where we are, which isn't really anywhere; what (some) publishers are doing about ebooks, the web and POD, why (some) agents are crapping themselves, why readers should be a bit frightened (but not much), why authors definitely should, what we might do about this.




UPDATE: I think I'll probably talk about Bookkake, but happy to discuss and demo bkkeepr, and generally chat too...

Comments (10)

Eoin Purcell said

at 12:47 pm on Jan 5, 2009

I'd love to hear more about Bookkake, but then I'm biased in favour of stories of entrepreneurial success!

Kevin O'Neill said

at 3:53 pm on Jan 5, 2009

Social activities and literature obviously very big interest for me!

Hugh said

at 7:06 pm on Jan 5, 2009

think i sort of cross-posted w/ Building Communities... but all topics are of interest.

Michael Bhaskar said

at 11:54 am on Jan 6, 2009

Something I have been thinking about quite a lot is orality and the internet. Despite the prevalence of text on the internet, it shares more with oral culture than it does with writing, for better and for worse. It goes back to the cliche of things being a conversation online, a cliche that does have some kind of truth in it. What I am quite interested in is how some of that orality can be brought into a book and bridge a historic divide between written and spoken cultures. There is quite an interesting body of thought on orality and literacy (the title of a critical work by Walter Ong), but as far as I know no one has really connected this up to changes in technology, nor tried to reapply those changes to the book.

James Bridle said

at 3:03 pm on Jan 6, 2009

Michael - why don't you? Sounds good.

Hugh said

at 4:08 am on Jan 7, 2009

@michael ... right up my alley of interest!

Alan Trotter said

at 10:23 pm on Jan 12, 2009

"How to start a publishing company in your bedroom - How and why I started Bookkake, concerning new publishing technologies, new audiences, ebooks and pricing, print on demand, the web and THE FUTURE."

I would like to hear about this!

Adam Maxwell said

at 12:01 pm on Jan 13, 2009

I've visited Bookkake recently and have to congratulate you on the look of it - nice quirky interface too :)

Kate Hyde said

at 11:17 am on Jan 16, 2009

I'd love to hear about Bookkake and POD...and have a few early ideas to bring to the table. I'd love to work collaboratively with a few publishers to set up a POD list for chapbook-like pamphlets which has a store online. Basically create a white label application for us all (the corporates, the small presses, the agencies and the individuals) to use to push out small printed stuff like catalogues, short stories, early proofs and rants that don't fit the traditional book model nor sit comfortably in the here-today-gone-tomorrow blog post model either. I'm convinced POD is a great, underused opportunity for the written word...

Giles Lane said

at 8:00 pm on Jan 16, 2009

Hi Kate, have you seen our Diffusion eBooks? I think they fit your description of chapbook/pamphlets? We've also been developing an online 'Generator' to make publishing them really easy even for people without graphic design skills or access to DTP software - what we were calling 'publishing on demand' a few years ago. Later this Spring we'll be prototyping an API to the Generator to allow 3rd parties to add creating Diffusion eBooks (and StoryCubes) to their own sites. http://diffusion.org.uk

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