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LibriVox is a passionate book community deeply engaged with public domain books. Thousands of volunteers have donated countless hours making audio recordings of public domain books. No money changes hands - the audio is given away for free. Why do so many people spend so much time making free audiobooks? There are many reasons, but at base it's love of books.


There are many other bookish networks on the web, such as: Shelfari, LibraryThing, Distributed Proofreaders, Project gutenberg, bkkeepr, Authonomy, WritersCafe, WeBook, BookRabbit, BookCrossing, BookMooch, Nanowrimo, and many others (please insert other links if you have).


What does this mean for: making books, reading books, marketing books? How can publishers, writers, sellers, and readers build on these networks to ensure that all of us keep writing, editing, reading, designing, editing books, and that some of us can get paid to do so?

Comments (2)

Kevin O'Neill said

at 10:27 pm on Jan 5, 2009

"to ensure that all of us keep writing, editing, reading, designing, editing books"
-- can't think of a better way to sum up what I think is important about Bookcamp - not so sure how the 'getting paid' bit happens, though!

Seems like this and 826 could come under a rough category of reading and community/participation.

Max Gadney said

at 10:54 pm on Jan 14, 2009

I'm totally into this - I am interested in how people who's interest is piqued by a BBC4 programme can get more into it

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