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Authors, Video-Games and Movies

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At HC we've just finished a piece of work in partnership with Nintendo - 100 Classic Book Collection for the DS handheld.

It's fairly straightforward - books on your gameboy - but with games becoming ever more complex - and targeting ever broader markets - what crossovers are there with the book world?


In short, how can authors and author brands move across into the world of video games? And does the expansion of digital television, web series etc offer more opportunities for brands that started in books to find eposure on the small screen? And if you're a publisher, how can you help facilitate / financially benefit from these new opportunities?


I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts and ideas...


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Tom Armitage said

at 6:08 pm on Jan 16, 2009

I can happily talk a little about the role of writers within the "traditional" games industry, but there are lots of new divisions to the games industry - notably in the world of ARGs and gamelike-content, casual games, and similar - where there's some interesting potential for writers wanting to break into it. I'm sure one of the Six to Start gang could definitely contribute something there.

Separate to that, I'm also quite interested in writing games - and, specifically, <a href="http://infovore.org/archives/2008/08/07/stories-built-around-core-mechanics/">writing game-like stories</a> - so I'm almost certain to turn up and join in.

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