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APIs and Bookdata

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This is a very brief list of useful data sources if people want stuff to play with on the day. I (James Bridle) have played around with most of them, and investigated lots of others, so if there's a particular thing you're after, do ask and maybe I can think of something.



There's also lots of texts available for free at the following locations:


  • Gutenberg: free book texts in HTML and plain text
  • FeedBooks: free book texts in ePub, Mobipocket/Kindle, PDF , Sony Reader and iLiad formats.
  • DailyLit: receive a book via RSS or email at the rate of a chapter a day (or according to your own schedule); see also: Podiobooks, which does something similar for audio books. (If you pop your book content into a Wordpress site, this plugin will provide daily feeds for that content that start delivering content, according to a daily schedule, from the time a person subscribes: WP serialised/daily feed plugin)


Feel free to add to this list...

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